Khan number 1 lottery record – Things you need to know about this lottery number

Lo khan record for lottery results, is an extremely important study. It will make it easier for players to calculate, and also greatly increase their chances of winning. Many people use lottery as a bridge to play. So today with the dealer New88, learn about the topic Lo Khan record through the article below.
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Overview of khan lot

Lottery is a set of numbers, consisting of numbers that do not explode for a long time. According to common understanding, to be called an anhydrous lottery, if that set of numbers does not explode for more than 10 days, it will begin to be counted as an anhydrous lottery.

Lo khan record Simply understood, in the time from the past to the present time, there is the longest number of days. Why do these numbers help many players calculate the opportunity to farm? If the batch exceeds the limit Lo Khan record, there is a very high possibility that there will be a strong outbreak in the near future. This is an opportunity for lottery players to keep those numbers waiting for the big day.

Record-breaking statistics

According to statistics of long-time players, as well as experts have calculated and filtered Lo Khan record in all 3 regions as follows:

  • For Northern khan lot:The longest drawn number of the Northern lottery is 40 days, the smallest drawn number is 20 days.
  • For the Central region khan lot:The longest drawn number of the Central lottery is 50 days, the smallest drawn number is 30 days. This ratio reflects that this khan lottery is extremely difficult to get.
  • For southern khan lot:The longest lottery number in the Southern lottery is 60 days, the smallest lottery number is 45 days. This is the longest ratio of khan lotteries in the country, which will help players easily grasp and know how to raise lotteries to play this type of khan lotto.

Experience to play the maximum lottery

In case you calculate the record of the khan lotus, but must determine its scarcity rate to avoid raising this khan lotus for too long and causing yourself to pay quite a lot of money to raise it. Here are some ways to determine it. Dinh raises a set of lots as follows:

  • If you raise a lot and see 5 to 7 days but the results only show the head or tail, but it does not show the main standard, then your lot is up for breeding.
  • If the lotto you want to play before has a frequency of up to 40 – 50 times in 2 months and appears a lot, if you raise it for about 6-7 days without seeing it appear, then you are raising an anhydrous lotto, usually with different types. Its anhydrous duration can be up to 23 days.
  • Determine whether the lottery number you want to play is already up as indicated above.
  • When you see that the batch has reached dryness, based on your accurate statistics, recognize that it is approaching the maximum drying date, then start cultivating that batch. The time to grow this batch is usually around the peak drying date. less than 5 days.
  • Another way is to take the results of the odd and even days and combine them together into sets of numbers. From these sets of numbers, see which animal is the most scarce, then use it to put money into raising it.
  • If you want to look more closely, after choosing the hardest number, check to see if the 6 consecutive numbers from the previous period 3 days ago came out. If not, continue looking until it really comes out, then Then calculate the cycle into the maintenance fee.

Note: For those who intend to raise a lot of records, you should carefully consider and calculate the appropriate time to invest, otherwise the capital will not be enough to compensate for losses, raising a lot of khan is more risky.
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Khan lottery pairs last the longest

  • If the number 32 was drawn on Monday, the number 75 should be played on Tuesday.
  • If on Monday the number 41 was drawn, then on Friday you should bet on the number 74.
  • If you hit 04 on Monday, you should bet on 43 on Wednesday.
  • If Monday hit 19, immediately play 91 on Tuesday.
  • If you hit 45 on Tuesday, you should hit 66 on Wednesday.
  • In case the number 62 was drawn on Tuesday, you should play number 16 on Thursday.
  • If Wednesday hit 52, then hit 55 on Thursday.
  • If the number 78 is released on Wednesday, then the number 83 will be released on Thursday.
  • If you hit 72 on Friday, hit 23 on Sunday.
  • If the lottery number 86 was drawn on Saturday, bet on the number 66 on Sunday.
  • If you get 49 on Sunday, bet on 89 on Monday.


Above are some experiences that the house has New88 , wanted to send you some clarification on the topic Lo Khan record. The above information will be extremely helpful to you, especially new players. I hope you will have the best numbers and win the biggest prize.

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