What is live casino cockfighting? Instructions for playing cockfighting online

We’ll find out Live casino cockfighting What is it in the most general way? This is a very popular form of entertainment at bookmakers, helping betting enthusiasts to deposit money safely. Overview of this form of live cockfighting with New88 Please.
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Definition of live casino cockfighting

Casino cockfighting is a very interesting form of cockfighting, online. Most of us will have to go through the bookmaker to access this entertainment product. A team of professional staff will go to the actual cockfighting arena to film and live the cockfight live on their entertainment platform. Thus, followers do not need to go to Cambodia or any other far away country but can fully follow the developments right at home.

 The bookies will invest in the most modern technology systems to help transmit the images and sounds of the cockfight online smoothly and in great detail. Thanks to that, the viewer’s feeling at the live cockfighting casino will be no less than when we watch at the cockfighting ring.

Not only is it a way to watch cockfighting online, through this activity you can also easily bet on the odds offered by the house. Thus, the opportunity to get rich for you is always open before your eyes.

What are the advantages of live casino cockfighting?

If in the past, if you wanted to watch cockfighting, you had to go to places with arenas. This is quite inconvenient because not all bettors have enough time and money. Therefore, when the form of live cockfighting was born, it received a strong response from everyone.

Not only are they a convenient form of online entertainment, these dramatic cockfights also come from many of the top tournaments on the planet. They are legal and are entertainment activities protected by law. Some advantages worth mentioning are:

Converging many good matches

Large, attractive cockfighting tournaments are held scattered in many countries. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to fully participate. However, online bookmakers will help you access every match without having to move anywhere.

Large number of matches

Each cockfight only lasts 5 to 10 minutes, quite fast for us to watch regularly. There are no limits to live casino cockfighting, so placing bets is really attractive.

Cost savings

The traditional way of watching cockfights requires you to have time to travel, and money to eat, move, and rest. However, if you watch cockfighting online, this factor is minimized. As long as you have a phone connected to the internet, you can watch all high-class cockfighting matches.
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Professional betting

The casino live cockfighting betting system is extremely professional and flexible. People have many options, betting online is easy and prize withdrawals also take place quickly.

Great sound and images

The sound and image quality of online cockfights is no worse than watching at a cockfighting ring. The atmosphere is bustling and the feeling of suspense invades us, creating mixed emotions when watching.

Join easily

Reputable bookmakers like New88 will create the best possible conditions for you to join the system. As soon as you access the modern interface, you just need to register an account and deposit money before placing a bet. Fast operation and outstanding processing speed have helped players feel extremely satisfied.

Attractive types of online cockfighting

At online bookmakers, the types of live cockfighting are extremely diverse. Those who are passionate about this form of entertainment can refer to some of the most familiar types of cockfighting as follows:

Cockfighting with iron spurs – Live casino cockfighting

This type of live casino cockfighting has many more outstanding features compared to other forms of cockfighting. If you observe, you will see that the cock here is equipped with an iron spur in his leg. This spur has a cylindrical shape with a sharp claw at one end and is hollow on the inside. That equipment has helped the chicken become much stronger, able to attack the opponent, causing serious injury.

Knife cockfighting

This is a very special form of entertainment, similar to spur cockfighting. However, fighting cocks have support weapons that are designed a bit differently. The chicken’s spur is made of metal, flat, thin, slightly curved, so it is very sharp. If the opponent “gets” this attack, he will definitely lose his ability to compete quickly.

Thomo cockfighting

Thomo Arena is the ultimate cockfighting playground known throughout Asia. The cockfighting matches here are extremely impressive, with many dramatic developments. Those who have watched top cockfighting matches with bookmaker New88 all admit that this playground meets all the strict criteria that viewers require.

Instructions for playing live cockfighting at New88

If you want to play live casino cockfighting at New88, you must complete the following steps:

Register an account

Players access the homepage of New88, using the standard link to avoid being blocked. After that, members must register themselves for an online betting account. On the toolbar, select Register and provide personal information to request activation of your betting account.

Deposit money to bet on cockfighting directly at casino

To play cockfighting at the casino, we will also have to deposit money into our account. This deposit is also done online. In the deposit section, you just need to choose the appropriate transaction method, then transfer money to the house and complete in 3 to 4 minutes.

Play live casino cockfighting

At the house, every product category is specially designed, ensuring that when you experience it, you will find everything very simple. In the toolbar, the Cockfighting category is integrated in an easy-to-see position, right at the top of the home page.

There, you will be able to watch all the live cockfighting matches you want. Of course, you will also see the betting odds offered by the house and place money after evaluating the details.


Above is all information about the activity Live casino cockfighting that you will need to know. This entertainment activity is widely available at online bookmakers. Thanks to the strong appeal of the product, betting players enthusiastically welcome it. If you also love this product, don’t forget to register an account with us New88 To receive great incentives, watch every dramatic cockfighting match and place bets to find rewards.

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