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The most popular kitchen remodeling trends in 2023

Kitchen remodeling is a popular home renovation project that can increase the value and function of your home. Every year new trends in kitchen design emerge, giving homeowners many options. Here are the top kitchen remodeling trends for 2023.

Natural materials are used

Natural materials are a popular choice for kitchen remodeling. It gives homeowners a cozy and welcoming space and adds character and depth.

Wood is one of the most common natural materials for kitchen remodeling. To create an inviting and warm atmosphere in the kitchen, wood cabinets, countertops, and floors can be used. Natural grain patterns and variations of color add interest and character to the space. While cherry, maple, and oak are the most popular hardwoods, cedar and pine are more versatile and can be used to give the space a rustic feel.


Color in kitchen remodeling is a very popular trend. It can bring life to the space and add personality. Kitchens used to be designed in a neutral palette. But, today homeowners are bolder when it comes to choosing their colors.

Cabinetry is a great way to add color to your kitchen remodel. You can choose a bold color such as navy blue, forest green or black instead of traditional wood and white cabinets. This creates a striking contrast that gives the kitchen a modern and unique look. You can also pair painted cabinetry with hardware and lighting in metallic finishes like brass, copper, or gold to enhance the overall design.

Open shelving

In recent years, open shelving has become a very popular design element in kitchen remodeling. Open shelving is a design element that uses shelves with no doors or cabinets to display cookware and dishes. You can mount this on a wall, or make it a freestanding unit. It can be made from a variety materials, including metal, wood, and glass.

Open shelving makes it easy to find items in the kitchen. This is especially useful for items like dishes and cookware that are frequently used. A small kitchen can feel bigger and more open by having open shelving. A lack of cabinets can make the space seem larger and more open.


As homeowners seek to make their kitchens more efficient and convenient, the increasing popularity of technology in kitchen remodels is a sign that technology is being used more often.
This includes smart appliances and home automation systems.

Smart appliances

Smart appliances are a rising trend in kitchen remodeling. Smart appliances can be used to connect the kitchen and make it more efficient, connected, and convenient.

The smart refrigerator is one of the most well-known smart appliances. Smart refrigerators can be controlled via a smartphone app. You can adjust the temperature, monitor contents, and create shopping lists.

Another popular option is smart ovens. Smart ovens can also be controlled via a smartphone app. They can heat, adjust temperature and even set a cooking schedule.

Smart dishwashers are becoming more popular. You can control these dishwashers using a smartphone app. This allows you to set up, stop and monitor the cleaning process.

Home automation systems

Kitchen remodels are increasingly being equipped with smart home automation systems. This could include the ability control temperature and lighting in the kitchen using a smartphone app, voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or an Amazon Echo.

Smart appliances can be connected to other smart devices such as lighting, security systems, thermostats and thermostats. This will make your home more connected and easier to manage, with all devices accessible from one central place.

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Kitchen remodels are increasingly being done with eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Reclaimed wood, bamboo and other sustainable materials are all acceptable options for flooring and cabinetry. This will not only reduce the environmental impact of the remodeling, but also gives the space a unique and interesting appearance.

There are many kitchen remodeling trends in 2023, as you can see. There will be a trend to suit your taste and style, whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your kitchen or increase the functionality. When choosing a trend for your kitchen remodel, it is important to think about your lifestyle and your budget.

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