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In just a few steps, find and activate your Webroot Keycode.

Webroot is a well-known antivirus program that can be used on both PCs and phones. There are many plans available depending on the OS and features. It is easy to find the right Webroot program for you device. The antivirus offers a free 14-day trial. Webroot’s premium tools are available for free. You can then choose the best plan for you device. The program provides data and device security tools. It is easy to activate the antivirus program, and protect your device from all types of threats.

Setup and activate your Webroot subscription using CD

To get your program, you can use Webroot antivirus CD. If you don’t have internet access, CD downloads are a better choice. You can only use a CD if your device has a disk drive. Many devices don’t have disc drives nowadays. Insert the disc drive and copy the setup. Run the setup to install the software on your device. Check the subscription card for your antivirus. An activation pin will appear on your subscription card. During installation, you will be prompted to enter the activation code screen. Before pressing the confirm button, make sure to read and verify the code. Now wait until the code is activated. Open the Webroot dashboard, and then run the complete system scan.

Activating Webroot keycode without disc drive

Even if your computer doesn’t have a CD drive, you can still activate Webroot antivirus. If your Webroot CD doesn’t contain a disc drive, you can check for an internet connection. The setup can be done online and your Webroot will then be activated.

Verify your webroot keycard

A webroot address will be displayed.

Enter the address in the search engine, and the Webroot page appears

A download button will appear.

Get the setup for your OS

Open the downloads page, and click Webroot setup.

Once you run the setup, it will ask you for permission

Click on the Allow button

The Webroot setup will begin installing on your system

You will now see an activation window

Tap on the activate button and type the webroot keycode into the window

Wait a while for the Activated status to appear

To make new changes, restart the computer and click on the Webroot icon. Click on the scan button to run a complete system scan of the device.

Download and activate the Webroot setup via the web

Webroot antivirus can be downloaded and installed on any device. It is easy to install Webroot, but you must have an internet connection. Webroot offers paid plans, so you will need to pay for the setup.

Open a web browser to visit the Webroot website

Visit For Home/For Business

Take a look at the plans and choose a plan

Learn more about the tools and features

Click on the Buy Now button

The shopping cart page will be displayed

Input the billing information and make sure to add an email address.

Press the Buy Now button, but do not press any other button until the Confirm message appears.

Register your email address

A link will be provided on your registered mail

The link will open Webroot setup. Once the installation is complete, restart your device and look for the Webroot icon at the desktop. The Webroot dashboard will be displayed when you click on the icon. Run a malware scan and check the tools.

Webroot Free Trial –

Webroot antivirus offers a 14-day free trial plan. The free trial plan does not require you to enter any banking information. You can test Webroot antivirus for device security by using a free trial. The Webroot trial is free for 14 days. You can continue using Webroot antivirus if you like its features and wish to purchase the plan. If you decide not to buy the plan, the plan will stop working after 14-days.

How do I renew my Webroot antivirus program?

Webroot offers a yearly subscription plan. You can buy the subscription and then use the tools for one year. The subscription will expire after that and you must renew it.

How to renew Webroot antivirus

Click on Profile to open the webroot dashboard

Click here to subscribe

You will be redirected back to the webroot page

Check the subscription page to see if the plan is available.

The Expired status will be displayed.

Click the Renew button beside the expired status

The webroot renewal page is now available

Enter your billing information and click on the Renew button

Do not refresh the page until you see the Complete message

Your Webroot antivirus program will begin working after renewal. Webroot has an auto-renewal option. You can activate the auto-renewal option if you plan to use Webroot for a prolonged period of time.

Common issues using Webroot antivirus

Unable To Install Webroot

Some users have reported issues installing Webroot antivirus. This problem is most common when the user tries to install an incompatible Webroot installation. Each Webroot program offers a different setup for each OS. Webroot iOS can only be used on Windows. This problem is often encountered by users when transferring the setup. The setup can only be transferred to the same platform. You will need to buy a Webroot for another OS device.

The Webroot scanner has stopped working

Check for the Webroot Update. Regular updates are required for your antivirus scanner to keep the virus chart current. Your antivirus scanner can’t detect viruses if the virus chart hasn’t been updated. Click on Webroot in the Apps folder. Click on the Update button to wait for the Webroot program to update. Now restart the antivirus to check for any scanning problems.

Webroot antivirus has stopped responding

If your antivirus is having problems responding, you can check for RAM free of charge. Low RAM can cause issues in your antivirus. Your device will only allow free software to run. You can then remove any unnecessary programs that are running in the background, and then run your antivirus. You should reinstall your setup if the error occurs because of missing program files.

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