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Fitcare BX100: Your Intelligent Boxing Sensor

Introducing the Fitcare BX100 Boxing Sensor, meticulously crafted for boxing training enthusiasts seeking to elevate their performance and track their progress with precision. As a cutting-edge boxing sensor and punch tracker, the BX100 excels in real-time detection of punch types, punch counts, speed, and other essential parameters, providing valuable insights to enhance boxing experience.

Real-Time Punch Tracking

Designed specifically for boxing training, as your trusted fitness electronic supplier, the Fitcare BX100 utilizes advanced technology to accurately detect punch types, count punches, and measure speed in real-time. Whether throwing jabs, crosses, hooks, or uppercuts, the BX100 ensures that every punch is tracked with precision, allowing users to monitor their performance and improve their technique effectively.

Seamless Data Transmission

With its Bluetooth connectivity, the Fitcare BX100 seamlessly transmits training data to compatible apps or designated platforms, providing comprehensive insights into boxing sessions. Whether analyzing punch frequency, speed variations, or overall workout intensity, the BX100 ensures that users have access to valuable data to optimize their training regimen.

Intelligent Innovation

The Fitcare BX100 stands as an intelligent innovation tailored specifically for boxing training. Its advanced capabilities go beyond simple punch tracking, providing detailed insights into performance and progress. From punch types to speed measurements, the BX100 offers a holistic view of boxing workouts, empowering users to refine their skills and achieve their fitness goals.

Enhanced Training Experience

By capturing and analyzing vital training data, the Fitcare BX100 enhances the overall boxing training experience. Whether a beginner looking to improve technique or an experienced boxer striving for peak performance, the BX100 provides the tools and insights needed to take training to the next level.


Experience the future of boxing training with the Fitcare BX100 Boxing Sensor. With its real-time punch tracking, seamless data transmission, intelligent innovation, and enhanced training experience, the BX100 is the ultimate companion for boxing enthusiasts looking to maximize their potential in the ring. Get ready to unleash your inner champion with the Fitcare BX100 by your side. As your trusted fitness electronic supplier, Fitcare is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance training experience.

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