Enhancing Medical Efficiency with the Mayo Trolley from OEKAN Furniture: A Comprehensive Guide

OEKAN Furniture, a manufacturer of hospital furniture, devotes itself to manufacturing and supplying a variety of medical furniture to meet all hospital, clinical, nursing, and healthcare demands. Thanks to its thorough industry expertise and customer-focused approach, it ensures that its clients receive excellent services and the greatest furniture options. Additionally, OEKAN Furniture also offers a custom furniture service.

One star product of OEKAN Furniture is medical trolleys which includes medical computer cart, mayo trolley, nursing trolley, patient record trolley and instrument trolley.

Profile of the Mayo Trolley, a Kind of Medical Trolley

One kind of OEKAN’s Mayo trolley is a narrow trolley with a lock. It features a height of 867mm, a width of 520mm and a depth of 540mm. This Mayo trolley has a drawer with heights of 75mm, 150mm or 220mm. And its internal drawer dimensions are 360mm in width and 390mm in depth. OEKAN’s mayo trolley is also available in various colors. This medical trolley’ surface is made of polypropylene plastic, its drawer and frame are made of stainless steel with an epoxy powder-coated finish.

Additionally, the medical trolley will be sent from the ports of Guangzhou or Shenzhen within 15 to 35 days after being flat-packed in boxes in accordance with export norms. Payment options include cash, wire transfer, letter of credit, and others.


This kind of medical trolley is simple in design and has no push handle or accessory rail, boasting a low price without sacrificing quality. If you just want simplicity and don’t need any more accessories, this type of OEKAN Furniture’s medical trolley is your finest choice.

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