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Efficient Labeling Solutions with Pharmapack’s LFLBR-124032 Round Bottle Labeling Machine

In the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, precision and efficiency are paramount. Pharmapack, a reliable name in the industry, introduces the LFLBR-124032 Round Bottle Labeling Machine, designed to streamline the labeling process for round bottles.

Revolutionizing Labeling Efficiency

Pharmapack’s LFLBR-124032 Round Bottle Labeling Machine is a game-changer in pharmaceutical packaging. With a maximum production speed of 60m/min, it ensures labels are applied accurately and swiftly, meeting the demands of modern production lines. Whether you’re dealing with round bottles ranging from 35-80mm in diameter and 60-150mm in height, this machine handles it with precision, thanks to its labeling accuracy of ±1mm.

Unmatched Features for Efficiency

This labeling machine doesn’t just meet industry standards; it exceeds them. It operates under PLC control, guaranteeing precise performance. The main motor, powered by a German SEW variable frequency stepless speed motor, ensures smooth and consistent labeling. The machine’s power overload protection adds an extra layer of safety.

With automatic start and stop based on bottle presence, it conserves energy and minimizes downtime. Plus, its quick changeover with fewer parts reduces setup time, optimizing your production process.

Quality and Compliance

Pharmapack understands the importance of quality and compliance. The LFLBR-124032 is built with a stainless steel AISI304 frame, aligning with GMP requirements. It offers optional features like double UV detection and automatic label rejection for missing labels, further enhancing quality control.

Choose Pharmapack for Your Labeling Needs

When it comes to round bottle labeling machines, Pharmapack’s LFLBR-124032 stands out as a reliable, efficient, and compliant solution. Boost your production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards.

For precision labeling in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, trust Pharmapack’s Round Bottle Labeling Machine. Contact Pharmapack today to revolutionize your labeling process. Your success is the commitment.

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