4 Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

You should know there are many ways to lose weight, so if you have a New Year’s Resolution to weight loss, it is important to be aware of the different methods and approaches. Not all methods are right for everyone. There is no one way to do it all. Some methods are more complicated than others. Some are unhealthy, and can make you obese.

You might also want to read our list of unconventional but effective ways to lose weight before you embark on a diet.

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Smell Fruits

We mean fruits as in bananas and apples. Science has shown that even though it sounds strange, you can curb your appetite simply by sniffing bananas and apples. This unique, but effective technique can trick your body and brain into thinking that you are satisfied and full by the smell of fruits.

You might notice a decrease in appetite if you spend a lot of time cooking or preparing meals.

Use Color Therapy

Psychology linked to color therapy states that each color has a different effect on the mind. For example, it can cause alertness, calmness or passion. Blue is well-known for its calmness, tranquility and serenity. It also suppresses appetite.

This is why fast food restaurants don’t have blue interiors. We don’t recommend that you paint your walls blue, but wearing or using blue kitchenware can increase appetite and cause you to eat less. This can help you lose weight.

Warm water is best

Although you may have heard of the incredible benefits of water, we recommend that you drink warm water, not regular or cold tap water, if your goal is to lose weight naturally.

Water must not be chilled or contain lots of ice. Different studies have shown that warm water can help you lose weight and decrease your appetite. Warm water should be accompanied by freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Take Care of Yourself When You Eat

This one may seem a little strange, right? It can help you lose weight and be more mindful about what you eat. You might even find yourself making better food choices, which could lead to a more fulfilling life.

You can keep track of your daily calorie intake by eating in front a mirror. You can simply hang a mirror opposite your table to observe what you eat while you eat.

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